Thursday, January 14, 2010

Well Hell

I never got a chance to fill in this blog and talk about my infertility story. Things got busy and were going so well that I didn't feel the need to complain.

I am an idiot.

My first round of clomid worked but things did not end well. I don't know if I will keep writing here or not but here's the really short version.

Dec 18th - routine 20 week ultrasound (after absolutely no findings from quad screen) shows a VERY long list of almost certainly fatal defects. Oh, and congrats, its a boy!

Dec 23rd - horrible appointment with very assholish maternal fetal specialist that would not answer any questions about the baby after we mentioned the possibility of medical interuption.

Dec 30th - appt with 2nd mf specialist that agreed to inject Aiden's heart with KCl to stop cardiac activity so that we could let him go without suffering. Absolute worst day of my life.

Jan 1st - Happy fucking new year - here is your 10.2 oz dead baby boy, enjoy.

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  1. I'm so sorry. Just so very sorry that things turned out this way.