Monday, January 18, 2010

Wonderful friends

I am saddened by how little material things are attached to my son. They all fit in a small box. I asked my friends to create some memories for his box by taking a picture with his name in it when they went somewhere beautiful. I got this back the next day. If you look closely you can see the nose of a manatee that was swimming in under the dock.


  1. the only concrete thing i have are the scan photos. i actually bought some mitts to put them into the box, because all we have in there is leaflets and messages and emails that i've printed, sending people's sympathy. i bought the mitts because... i wanted to have something for this child. something only for them.

    would you like anyone else to take pictures with his name in?

  2. It's hard to only have those few photos. We bought him a stuffed gator because I thought it was horrible that he didn't have a toy.

    I will take pictures from anyway that wants to do it. What made me think of this was that I was mourning all the pictures we would never take of Aiden. And then I thought we could still have some, it will just have to be his name, not him. I've been having issues trying to post on blogger so you probably didn't get my posts on your blog. I hope you are doing okay and thanks so much for checking in on me.

  3. Next time I'm somewhere beautiful, I'll take a picture for you. Thank you for your post on my blog... it helps to know other people who understand are reading, doesn't it? helps me feel less alone, anyway.

    i'm not great, but i'm starting to heal, i think.

    take care.