Saturday, June 18, 2011

Long time, no update

So sorry. I have been posting updates on Glow and really thought I had updated here. For all of the two readers I have left after my blog neglect, here is an update.

Nothing terribly exciting. Another endless 2ww. This is my first ever monitored cycle. I had an encounter with Mr. Wandy on CD 3, followed by 5 days of Fema.ra. Thank goodness, this time no migraine. That is a huge relief because another round of migraines would have nixed not only this cycle, but any future assisted cycles. I was pretty damn scared for the first two weeks.

I went in on CD 12 for another date with Mr. Wandy (he really needs to work on his wooing skills - that freaking hurt) and was told I had one "nice" follicle. I think it was on the large side (22mm) but the RE wasn't concerned. So I did a trigger shot, which one of the nurses gave me for free (I LOVE her) and should have ovulated between the 7th and 8th, so I have 4 more days before I will know if this worked.

I'm trying extremely hard not to think about it. The last 10 days have already felt like a month. Everything seems to hinge on that one tiny egg. Thanks to the $1000 I just had to put into my 13 year old car, I don't have enough for another cycle unless they will let me go without monitoring (unlikely). I can probably try again next year, but that seems forever from now and I'm only getting older.

To help with the 2WW crazies, I have a head cold/severe allergy thing and can't tell if the nausea is from that or could be a pregnancy symptom. I keep telling myself that it's way to early to get symptoms and so far I believe it. Unfortunately, I can't take any of the meds that would make me better because they are all class C. While I certainly am willing to suffer a lot worse than a horrible cold for a live baby, I'm going to be REALLY pissed if I'm not pregnant and had to be miserable for no reason.

So, I will update on Wednesday.


  1. Look forward to your update on Wednesday. Good luck. And I'm still always reading, just been crappy with comments. I really should read the message boards more at Glow. I probably miss a lot of news!

  2. Sending all the positive vibes and good wishes I can muster for Wednesday. Keeping you in my thoughts. Ax