Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Slightly better . . . and something I haven't told you yet

I have new babies in the house. Not the species I was really hoping for, but an absolute pleasure anyway.

Sorry about the grainy picture, I was in low light and not really able to move. That is me laying on my living room floor with a pillow under my hips and a heating pad on my back. I managed to throw my back out at work again yesterday so I am trying to avoid the doctor's office today and taking it easy. I realized I hadn't told anyone here about the kittens yet and they came over for some love while I was reading blogs. I thought I would share the cuteness. The black one is Lei-lei and she is nursing on my neck. The tabby is Petri and he is a sweetheart. Lei-lei is trouble. She is always the first to try something and usually gets Petri to do it to and then lets him take the fall.

I'm a little more hopeful. I haven't gotten a migraine yet and I only have one more dose of Fe.mara left. I go in for a trigger shot on the 6th. I don't really expect this to work but at least I don't have to give up right now without even trying. In the meantime I will enjoy my new little babies and my big girl.


  1. The kittens are so cute. So glad you haven't had another migraine. I hope it goes well on the 6th.