Saturday, April 9, 2011


They called. Our first home study appointment is tomorrow. Yikes! I'm nervous and excited and kind of pissed that it is finally happening right when I have my first RE appointment.

In other news - my poor big girl who is turning five tomorrow is pretty sick. I'm worried about her because she has an awful full body rash and is just very blah. She hasn't gotten sick enough for the ER but I'm not sure it will stay that way all weekend. Every time she gets sick now I really overreact and spend the whole time trying to decide if I could survive life without her. I HATE that. It feels like I'm just waiting around for her to die. I wish I new how to turn that off - it makes me feel like I'm asking for something horrible to happen.

My craziness aside, it's starting to look like we may have at least one other kid by this time next year. Here's hoping.


  1. Great news! I hope your daughter is ok for her birthday.

  2. Wow, a home study and a birthday, sounds like you have enough going on without the birthday girl being sick too. Hope she feels better and that the home study goes well.

  3. Good luck with the home visit nd the re appointment! sending lots of get well wishes for your daughter. I hope it ends up being nothing serious, but of course it is scary.
    love, inB

  4. Hope your little one is feeling better very soon & is able to enjoy a bit of her Birthday!
    Will be thinking of you guys with the home study and hoping all goes smoothly & as you said this time next year you'll have a beautiful new family member ((hugs))

  5. Yay, congrats on finally getting that ball rolling.