Wednesday, April 20, 2011

easy peasy - and I didn't even take off my pants

I'm in a much better mood but still bouncing back and forth between utter terror and hope.

The RE was awesome. He is a member a nonprofit environmental group; I was impressed! He was a nice guy and seemed to actually care about getting me pregnant and not racking up a large account. He took my concerns about clomid very seriously and is one of the very few doctors that did not talk down to us. He actually seems to understand that as biologists we have a basic understanding of how procreation and hormones work.

He is going to do an HSG, which I was pretty sure would be needed, but doesn't need any further blood work right now. He has me starting a round of Femara with nothing else and will check my progesterone after ovulation. I didn't even need an exam! And best of all - the $350 consultation was actually covered by my insurance and cost me $20. I still can't believe that. He said the HSG would be covered too. If we have to move to injectables they aren't covered but I was planning on spending several hundred so that doesn't stress me out. It's actually sounding like we may be able to afford this after all.

So, this round of bcp ends on Sunday (eep!), which of course puts my likely ovulation date within 3 days of Aiden's due date. Of course. But that's way better than having that day as my LMP.

The adoption home study is also moving along. We still think we are going to adopt even if we get pregnant so we aren't changing anything there.

Yikes! I could have another kid (or 2, or 3) by February! (This is me not getting my hopes up - can you tell?)

Going to find the valium now. Deep breaths.


  1. Good to hear it -- and how exciting!

  2. So glad to hear that you like your RE :) This is so exciting!

  3. Oh, and the title of this post made me laugh!

  4. All great news! Love it when they talk to you like you are an equal.