Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I've never been able to find any kind of pattern to my cycles. They are ERRATIC. I always get irritated when the doctors insist on a length between cycles or a length of the period. I tell them 14 to 60 days between and 2 to 14 days long. That usually shuts them up. Keep in mind that it has been this way since my period first showed up 20 years ago. The only time I'm remotely regular is when I'm taking hormones.

Given this, I fail to understand how I could have ovulated on the exact same day two years in a row (the day Aiden was conceived and the anniversary of that day).

I've been bleeding damn near constantly since November. Even high dose birth control didn't completely stop it. When it finally stopped for a few days I missed a pill and it promptly started again. So I expected when I stopped the pills for good in anticipation of starting the Femara, that I would start the next day. This would put my expected ovulation date within days of Aiden's due date. Apparently my ovaries have a sick sense of humor or they are class I assholes. Instead of starting the next day, I started 3 days later. Which, of course, puts my expected ovulation date ON Aiden's due date. What the hell?!

I may be putting too much emphasis on dates, and who the hell knows if I will actually ovulate on day 14, but this seems like a lot more than coincidence. I suppose it could also be divine intervention but I'm not sure this would be a happy coincidence. I don't really know how I feel about it. Other than pissed off that my body is so contrary.

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  1. I've noticed similar patterns. Although my cycles are pretty regular, I had a weird late ovulation the month my son was conceived. This year I ovulated (late) on the same date. Pretty weird!