Friday, February 18, 2011


It is finally starting to look like spring around here (one of the few advantages of a tropical climate - early spring) so my spirits are lifting a little. I have some seeds started for my vegetable garden and one raised bed waiting for soil. I have some hope that this will be a better year for us.

It's been driving me crazy that I haven't had much time to blog. Every since our system got attacked so badly at work IT is watching our usage. I'm pretty sure they would not consider blogging "reasonable and infrequent personal use." I get very little time to myself, something I really need to work hard to change, which makes it hard to blog at home. It is making everyone around here unhappy. Hopefully my garden will give me something to enjoy that I can escape to when I can't leave the house.

I am thinking I'm going to redesign my blog. I enjoy writing here and I want to make it a more comforting place, not so steeped in sadness. I was thinking of a spring theme, signifying new beginnings and regrowth. I've never liked the layout but I've never really had time to work on it, we'll see if I can carve some out.

Agh! Apparently not right now. K is home sick and I had her occupied on the other computer, but now she wants to play ponies. *sigh*

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