Friday, February 4, 2011

tired, sick and frustrated

I have a nasty cold, which is hard right now because the hubby is also sick (conveniently more sick than I am)and it has been raining for days. Four year olds do not do well with this combination. Over all, though, she has actually been pretty good.

The frustration comes from not being able to help her with what she is going through right now. The neighborhood we lived in before we moved last month was pretty nice. The duplexes were small (which is why we moved) but nearly all of them had children about K's age. She was friends with several of them, and very close to one in particular. The week we decided to move so did the four neighbors nearest to us. Two families left to find work and one moved into a newly built house, the forth was some young guy we didn't know. Since we were only close to one of these families there is no chance she will see the two boys she liked again. Her best friend moved to a town about 6 hours away. It's not all that far to drive but really not doable with our current finances. We simply cannot afford the gas, let alone a place to stay. It's breaking my heart having to tell her she can't see her friends again.

We moved into this house because it was the only reasonably nice one we could afford. In order to adopt a sibling group - the only likely way to get children younger than K, we needed a third bedroom. I was told verbally that the owner was okay with outside pets so we chose this place with the understanding we could get a dog. We already had an outdoor cat but he ran away as soon as he got outside. We haven't seen him since. As soon as we moved in the heater broke, or was already broken. It's a heat pump but the only thing working was the backup heat strips. Those are extremely expensive to run all the time. The owner didn't want to fix the heat but we insisted that it would cause us financial hardship. A few days later we tried to get a dog from the pound and the owner told the management company that he would not allow a dog.

So now my 4 year old daughter has no friends, no cat, and no chance at the puppy we stupidly told her we were going to get at the new house. I just don't know what to do. There are certainly worse problems to have but I hate that I can't fix her poor little broken heart.

Bleh. I can't wait for it to get warm. I am really disliking winter now. There is just nothing redeeming about the last two winters.


  1. uggh. I had this huge comment and blogger ate it.

    Basically. YES these winters have sucked.

    And have you considered pets rats? We have three.

  2. What a trifecta of crap at once. I hope that the heat comes on soon and that your daughter gets a friend shortly. It's hard to feel alone and harder to have your child feel alone.

    Something will come along. Pets really do come into our lives in amazing ways. I hope that things warm up and start looking up soon.

  3. i am so sorry jen. i keep hoping you're going to get a break and it keeps not happening. it's not fair hon. xx