Thursday, February 24, 2011

Another stall

So. We took the MAPP classes in August. We turned in our application in November. We were told it took 3 months to COMPLETE a home study. It is nearly March. We have not even been assigned a case worker. They are now saying by the end of March we will "hear" from someone. I'm so freaking frustrated! On the one hand I realize that a few months one way or the other doesn't make all that much difference. On the other hand - we moved with the purpose of adopting in mind. We can afford the house we moved into, but it severely cut into our savings. If we are not going to get a chance at a placement this year (I know - it's early) then we are wasting all the money on this huge house with 2 empty bedrooms. I keep the doors closed. It's really hard to look in those rooms and see how very empty they are - the equivalent of an empty nursery, for me.

I hope this gets going soon. I am driving myself crazy over here.


  1. So very sorry that you've hit yet another road block. I hope that you hear something sooner than expected and that this summer finally brings that call. <3

  2. Hi! Followed you here from my blog. I don't have time tonight to read much of yours- but I wanted to give you a couple of links. Christine Moers writes at - if you specifically want to know about adopting a traumatized kid when you already have a biokid, read this entry:

    And watch the video.

    If you read her posts tagged "therapeutic parenting" you will find a TON of great information.

    I love all of the blogs I follow but hers, Lisa's: and Corey's: are where I would start. Best wishes to you!