Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Seriously, does anything work around here?

I can't believe it. I gave up on my stupid body figuring out what to do and went on continuous BC to "suppress" ovarian function AND I AM STILL FREAKING BLEEDING!!


I know if I call my gyn she will prescribe something with more hormones, which will make the side effects worse. Great.

I am so damn frustrated with my body and dealing with all the medical crap. I'm also tired of the constant whining I do on here.

So here is plan, oh - I don't know, maybe H?

I am going to stay on this pill for now and go get a massage and acupuncture. I will try that for two months. If there is still this stupid spotting I'll try the stronger pills for one cycle. At that point, 3 months from now, I will go to the RE. I will be 35. That number pisses me off. So does the number 7. 7 years of trying to get pregnant on my own. Two pregnancies, one baby. Obviously I am not all that good at this.

All of this is contingent on what happens with the adoption stuff. We are finally being assigned a caseworker to do our home study. I know a foster parent with an adorable 2 month old that is likely to enter TPR (termination of parental rights) soon so I'm hoping I can get my home study completed in time to express an interest. My husband flat out refuses to consider legal risk so the chances of finding an infant are pretty slim. For the most part I'm okay with that because the adoption plan was never about getting an infant, it was about growing our family and something we always planned to do. That doesn't change my soul deep longing for another infant, though. I wish I could let that go; my life would be so much easier.


  1. Shoot, Biojen. This body has got to stop torturing you. I have found acupuncture do do amazing things and you plan sounds solid. I hope everything starts behaving properly and that all of your steps towards building your family progress more smoothly. Seven is going to be the lucky number.

  2. i hope things are improving physically hon. take care x