Friday, July 31, 2009

The Beginning: Part 1

I'm writing this not knowing if anyone else will ever see it. I needed a place to vent about my frustrations with trying to build a family. So far I haven't found anyone in my circle of friends that I can really confide in.I've been reading infertility blogs since 2004 when I first started trying to get pregnant. I was very, very lucky that I was able to do so without medical intervention in a fairly reasonable amount of time, even though it didn't feel that way at the time. I had been told when I was 19 that due to my endometriosis, multiple infections of unknown origin, and the scar tissue that had adhered my right tube to my right ovary, that my chances of getting pregnant on my own were 50/50. I was prepared (I thought) for a long and difficult journey to a family. I already knew when I got married that I may never have biological children but I really wanted to experience pregnancy, birth, and nurturing an infant with my body.The day after I finally convinced my relectant spouse that I wanted to try NOW, I ran out and bought a thermometer and started keeping charts. My cycles have always been wildly erractic so I didn't even know if I was ovulating. After several months of temperature charting, I found a cheap way to get ovulation strips (Kmart had 30 for $30, but now you can get them on Amazon) and I started using them. I soon discovered, to my surprise, that although my cycles were irregular it was only the beginning that varied. I was ovulating and I was getting a period exactly 14 days later. This was a revelation! For the first time ever I could tell when my period would start.

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