Thursday, February 14, 2013

Birth Story

This is copied from an email I sent to my sister so if some things are out of date or just out of context, ignore them. I apparently gave birth to a koala bear. She will only really sleep curled up on my chest. Very hard to blog that way! There is lots going on with Flower that I need to talk about but I haven't found the time with both hands free. Maybe next week. For now, here is the birth story (with much oversharing of intimate body function details) for the curious.

I went to my chiropractor on Wednesday and started the damn contractions again. Right about the time &&&& got the car packed up to go to the hospital they stopped. I was up all night with them so when I did go to the hospital on Thursday to start the induction, I'd had about 2 hours of sleep. I was dilated 3cm so they just gave me pitocin. I was still contracting at that point, just not what I would have considered labor. I think if I had waited I would have done that for another day or two and then gone in to labor on my own. Of course by then I would have been a zombie so I'm not sure I regret it.

Labor kicked in hard about 11am and seemed really easy compared to ****'s, which I was stupid enough to mention. About 3pm or so things got really intense and they made me get out of the tub (God - I loved that thing, what a difference), thinking they had to call my doctor since she was 20 minutes away. At that point I was only a 5 or 6 though, so I was pretty disappointed. It wasn't long before I started feeling like pushing but my water hadn't broken yet and my cervix wasn't progressing. The doctor came by and broke my water and had me try a few pushes. That's when she discovered I had a ring scar on my cervix that she thought was preventing it opening all the way. I'm guessing that was from my endometrial biopsy, who knows. God bless my doctor. Rather than assume I wouldn't progress and do a c-section she spent almost 3 hours massaging my cervix and pushing it around the baby's head while I pushed. She was worried pushing not fully dilated would cause the cervix to swell so they made me stop pushing for awhile. That part was absolute hell. My body was ready to push - be damned what my cervix wanted. I literally could not stop. They kept yelling at me to not push and I really, really tried but it was impossible. I did a whole heck of a lot of screaming. I felt a lot better when they let me push but it went on forever. At some point my smart ass husband mentioned that it would be funny if Alida was waiting until 6 to be born because **** was born at six. It was only about 4 when he said this. I still want to kill him. I'm not sure exactly how long I pushed because I don't know when I started, but it was at least 2.5 hours, probably closer to 3. I had several moments I was sure I would never get that baby out and was past the point of thinking I couldn't do anymore around 6. The only thing that kept me trying is that I was afraid they would make me stop pushing while they got me prepped for a c-section and I just couldn't handle the thought of that much pain again. It paid off, though. At 630ish I was finally able to get her head out. Her shoulder was stuck so I ended up with an episiotomy (fucking ow), and both the doctors hands inside turning the baby (really fucking ow). There was a whole bunch more screaming. She was only stuck for a minute, the doc called it mild dystocia, and just needed a minute to get a good cry. She was plopped on my chest and trying to nurse within 5 minutes of delivery. That part was so amazing. The doula told me to let her try on her own and it was incredible watching her know just where to go and managing to get her floppy head in the right position. That right there made the no medication part worth it to me. Her response was world's better than ****'s and I wasn't stuck with paralyzed legs. All in all it was a worse delivery than ****'s even though it was shorter, but I was pretty happy with it for being on pitocin the whole time.

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  1. Oh my GOSH. Congrats for no medication! And a BIG congratulations on a healthy baby!!