Monday, August 20, 2012

You guys are the best

I just knew asking here would be my best bet. Thank you! I took everyone's advice and ordered the sonoline-b. I forget who I ordered it from but they had free shipping and it still got here before I could really work up my anxiety, I think it was about 3 or 4 days. I had a little trouble the first time but my husband found it right away when he tried. I pretty much check every day, it's been a lifesaver in regards to my anxiety.

I'm sorry I haven't updated. Things are pretty tough with M right now. I think we are moving out of the honeymoon phase and into the testing phase. I have a long post about it but I just haven't had time when it's safe to write. I can't wait until I have the money to buy my new tablet. Then I won't have to share a computer with 2 other people and worry about privacy.

I'm sick, again. Baby seems to be doing fine but this definitely ranks as my worst pregnancy. I got an upper respiratory infection that contributed to heat exhaustion, leading to my throwing up at work and having to beg a co-worker to take me to the ER so I didn't have to call an ambulance. I had a great Friday. After dropping $100 at the ER (cheap, I know, but still painful) the stupid doc didn't even treat the infection and it got worse and worse over the weekend. Now I am on an inhaler and z-pack and will miss even more work, meaning no pay. I haven't saved a single penny towards my unpaid maternity leave because I haven't gotten one full paycheck since I got pregnant. This is not helping with my anxiety. How can we be the only first world country that doesn't have paid maternity leave? It boggles my mind. And people wonder how American women can die of preventable pregnancy complications.

Anyway, we're all okay for now. I can already breathe better so I think I avoided the pneumonia everyone was trying to scare me with. I apologize for my lack of commenting lately. I am still reading and keeping many of you in my thoughts.



  1. Are you in the United States or Canada?

  2. US - unfortunately :(

    sometimes I'm glad I live where I do, but other times not so much.