Saturday, June 9, 2012

life and death as seen by a six year old

The talk I just had with my daughter:

K: Mommy, I think this baby is going to die because you're so sick.

M: No, baby. It's actually a good sign that I'm so sick, it means the baby is growing.

Skipping over the whole morning sickness explanation:

M: I wasn't very sick with baby Aiden. I think that was a sign something was wrong.

K: So he died because you weren't sick?

M: No, it was just a way to tell that something wasn't going well with the baby. But not always. Some people don't get sick.

K: I'll always have a baby brother.

M: Yes, you will.

K: For my whole life?

M: Yep.

K: When I die I'm going to see him and give him the biggest hug. But you're going to die first.

M: I better, I'm older. You should live a really long time. When I see Aiden I'll give him a really big hug and tell him you can't wait to see him.

K: -makes a funny strangling noise- then he'll probably say, can you stop that please?

Funny girl. Sometimes I love her so much I want to squeeze her and hold onto to that preciousness forever. God I hope this one makes it. I don't want to break her heart again.


  1. She is so sweet. I hope she gets to hold this baby in her arms in this lifetime. Thinking of you often....

  2. Oh sweet little K. I love the way that children say these funny and insightful things. Hoping that this dear one makes it, hoping and hoping and hoping. And hoping that, many, many, many years from now, you and K will give Aiden those really big hugs.