Friday, May 18, 2012

It's what i get for loooking a gift horse in the mouth

I think most people understood that my last post was not me complaining about getting pregnant again after all this time,
I'm just terrified. we barely survived losing Aiden, I don't know if we could do that again. I've used the word "baby" only once so far. at this point it just seems like something that MAY happen, not a done deal. I SUCK at being pregnant, but I'm still very grateful.

Good news first:

The prometrium stopped the spotting and betas have doubled. my appointment with my old friend Mr. wandy is the 31st. If they put me in the same room as last time i will freak out. fair warning.

The bad news:

I'm typing (badly) one handed because my left arm is in a sling. The persistent muscle soreness/tightness in my shoulder has turned into a constant, agonizing spasm. The pain is unbelievable and i can't function at all. it's better today in that i can sit for a short time but nothing much is really helping. Thank goodness i have some good friends. I called someone to come cook yesterday because the husband is laid out with bronchitis (wimp). I can't stand, sit for long, lift anything or even get dressed. I have an appointment (made weeks ago) for a new doctor that is supposed to specialize in holistic methods for treating chronic pain from accidents. hopefully i can survive until Monday and she will be able to get me some relief. If someone told me that this torture was the only way to get a healthy baby, I'd do it with a smile, but i don't have sick leave and my family needs to eat.

At least the spasms aren't as strong today. it no longer feels like there is something the size of a mouse crawling around under my skin. Well, I've worn out my sitting time, back to lying on the floor. I'll try to keep updating, and thank you everyone for the well wishes.


  1. Hugs. Wish I was close enough to come help. xxxxxx

  2. Oh my -- congratulations, and I hope you will be able to post good news form the u/s soon. I'm so sorry about your shoulder/spasms; that sounds awful (might a TENs unit be an option? I used one of these after breaking my humerus right below the ball that fits into the shoulder joint and then needing surgery and a plate to fix it, and it really made a huge difference with the pain (and I assume would be safe during pregnancy, it basically uses low-scale electrical current to stimulate your nerves, locally, i.e., wherever it is applied, and somehow distract those nerves from feeling pain -- I found it far more effective than, and preferable to, narcotics for pain relief).