Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday night I don't give a damn dinner

This is what we had for dinner: one box Uncle Ben's wild rice 5 minute recipe, turkey sausage, and broccoli. It takes 10 minutes start to finish and is actually decently healthy for processed food. The turkey sausage is sold with the hot dogs and is precooked. All I do is heat it up, cook the rice, and throw the frozen broccoli into the rice pot for the last couple of minutes. Voila - dinner is served and I can sit down with my friend the heating pad. I thought I would share since I'm always looking for ways to cheat on dinner.

I'm working on the blogger awards, I swear I am. I just have a ton of things to do for M's move in so it will probably be a few days. Check back this weekend, I'll try to update how the move went.

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