Thursday, January 19, 2012

And the award goes to . . .

The move in went great. We really had no problems this weekend that I wouldn't expect from any teenager that was grounded and bored. There are things I'd like to write about but I lack the time to work it out in my head and get it down. So today I'll just post the blog awards that I promised.

My reading list is long and full of some amazing women. If you have time please do check out my blog roll. Someday I'll get around to categorizing it but I promise you everyone of them is worth a read. Below are the five that I chose for the versatile blogger award. I wanted to choose people that might not have a large readership and haven't recently gotten this award. It was hard to pick 5 because there are so many bloggers I love. I hope you enjoy your award ladies, you definitely deserve them. It's only to bad I can't include wine and chocolate!

The first four of the five blogs are some of my fellow babyloss moms. They are amazing women who survived the loss of a child and kept on breathing. It was a hard, hard thing they did and the world is richer for them sharing their experiences.

The award goes to:

This blog you must read, even if you have never lost a child. Her writing is so amazing it takes my breath away. I've linked a recent post of hers that has a poem that really affected me. Please pop over and tell her how amazing she is.
After Iris

This is my dear fried B. She lost her little snowflake a little before I lost my Aiden and our due dates were very close. She was always there for me in the horrible weeks that followed and has remembered when most other people forgot. I owe her more than I can say. I am happy to say she has her rainbow baby now and is doing an awesome job with the little guy.
Non Geordie Mum

Next up is another beautiful writer, Vera Kate. This woman has been through more than I can imagine and come out strong. Her love for her babies shines bright in her words. She is also a pretty awesome artist. Check her out.
Fox on the Run

Catherine is another mom that helped me make my way through the loss of my son. She is an amazingly gifted writer. She always manages to find a way to say the things I feel but can't explain. If you have ever lost a loved one her site is well worth the read.
Between the Snow and the Huge Roses

Last but not least is a writer I found when I started adding adoption blogs to my reader list. She is a passionate feminist and gay rights advocate. I always admire her take on things and the post I'm linking to is a very good read about assigning gender roles to children. It is a topic I think about frequently and she has some very thoughtful points to make.
a queer family grows in redneckville

That's it. Enjoy your award ladies. If you want to, the award asks that you list 7 things about yourself your readers don't know and pass this award on to five other bloggers. Have fun!


  1. Aw, hon. Thank you. I'm blushing over here :)
    I'm extremely bad at blogging right now but will get to this soon :)
    (seven things people don't know?! that will take a while to think of!!)

  2. Thank you so much! You are very kind and I love the baby loss bloggers that you've nominated, I'm very pleased to be mentioned amongst such lovely writers. Will have to go and have a read of a queer family grows in rednecksville too.

    Glad to hear that everything has gone well so far, I've been thinking of you. Whenever my friend who fosters teenagers tells me of their latest triumphs and disasters, I wonder if it will be similar or completely different for you.

    And Jess' recent post absolutely blew my mind. I will be joining you in haunting her if it doesn't end up published somewhere!