Monday, October 24, 2011

Oh for pete's sake!

My ovaries got wind of my happiness and decided to remind me that they suck. Last month I missed the first 3 days of my continuous birth control because I didn't bring a refill on my trip. I decided to just skip the whole month instead of starting them late because the period I had was extremely mild for me and I didn't want to change it by screwing around with the timing. Fast forward 4 weeks and I FINALLY ovulated. A few days later I was sure I had a giant cyst on my left ovary. No big deal - I've had dozens. It was painful but not too bad and easy to ignore. That was until my 7 pound "kitten" jumped RIGHT ON IT this morning.

The cat is lucky to be alive. I spent several hours contemplating some nice warm tabby slippers. The pain was pretty excruciating. I still had to get my daughter to daycare because my husband didn't seem to think a burst cyst was worth him going to work late. After hobbling around doing that I came home and took a narcotic pain reliever I had from my last major back problem. The relief was almost immediate and I decided to let the cat live. I sat down with the heating pad and called my mom. By the time I got done telling her about my crappy morning my right shoulder was in agony and it was radiating down my arm. I started to feel like I couldn't take a deep breath. I consulted doctor google since I was too buzzed on pain killers to drive myself to the hospital and didn't really want to spend $100 because my stupid cat jumped on the wrong spot. At this point my husband was out of cell phone range so he couldn't come take me. All the kids were out of school so the only friends I could have called wouldn't have been able to help. I was seriously considering calling an ambulance. According to doctor google the arm pain can be directly caused by a cyst rupturing, although it appears to be rare. It can also be caused (I think) by blood leaking into the abdominal cavity. So I was thinking that a) no big deal, ruptured cyst and I would feel better soon, b) bleeding ruptured cyst requiring at least a hospital stay - possibly surgery, or c)ectopic pregnancy.

I nearly laughed at how unlikely scenario c was, but I was pretty worried about b. I called my OB/GYN, who I love, and got her wonderful nurse, who I also love. She said to come by when the doc was out of surgery and they would work me in. She seemed concerned but not alarmed so I talked myself out of the ambulance. I'm glad now because by the time I got there I was feeling 90% better. Most of the pain and pressure was gone and my arm didn't hurt anymore. The doc saw a little fluid around my ovary and agreed with my assessment of what happened. She wants to recheck in 2 weeks to make sure I'm not still leaking anything but I'm sure it will be fine now. If I had a little advanced warning I'd actually prefer a rupture to the long drawn out weeks of slow torture I usually get with these damn things.

So - my lesson for today is to not skip the birth control unless I magically gain 10K for fertility treatments. I am so freaking glad M wasn't here this morning. I bet the drama would have freaked her out very badly. I'm sure she is thinking that something will go wrong and she won't get to be adopted; this would have given her something to worry about, which she really doesn't need right now.


  1. I had a cyst rupture in mid-September and the pain was horrible! I hope neither of us evern experience that again.