Thursday, September 15, 2011

I can't decide which one hurts more

Something happened to my neck that is causing excruciating pain. The doctor is worried it is a herniated disk because I have pain and tingling in my arms. I won't know until it doesn't get better because my insurance won't cover an MRI until after physical therapy, which I won't do because I can't afford it.

While kind of buzzed on pain killers I stopped by the bank to ask if we would qualify for a small loan to finance a private adoption. We won't.

The match meeting for our possible match was Tuesday. They haven't called so I'm assuming they didn't choose us.

Right now - besides being nearly incoherent with rage and despair - I just can't decide which of those things hurts the most.

I really don't understand why the universe hates me. And if one more person tells me about how their faith has seen them through I will punch them in the face. Hard.

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  1. I lack words to really comfort you so I will just say, I am so very sorry you are going through all of this. Much love to you.