Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Of Course

The day I told my sister that I was giving up on ever having another baby she warned me that our cousin is pregnant. Our cousin is 21. This is her second. Her first she got pregnant with at 17. 8 days after announcing her wedding to the first baby's father, she announced on Fbook that she was expecting again. My sister and I already had plans to visit that set of family members because our grandfather is getting very old and had some recent scary health problems.

That trip is going to be hell.

Does this ever get easier?


  1. Sigh. That sucks, girl. I am sorry. Sometimes a facepalm is the only way to deal. Wishing you a manageable trip :)

  2. I second Mary Beth; I'll be hoping your trip is manageable as well. Can I recommend taking a comfort object? When i know I am going to something that is going to cause me to be upset, I bring along a CD, or my favorite food ... I know it sounds silly, but it helps.

  3. I hate to say it, but no, the pregnancy announcements dont get easier. Thoughts are with you, I hope your trip isnt as hard as you think it will be.