Monday, May 2, 2011

Google is on to me

My husband hates it when he uses my chrome browser and it automatically fills stuff in. He sees it as "the man" watching and recording everything. I laugh at him and call him paranoid. I like that my web browser knows what I like, and I like that I don't have to type my name and address over and over again. I'm not stupid, I don't save passwords or sensitive information. However, sometimes I get a little weirded out by google. I've noticed in the last few days that all my email adds are for IVF services. I haven't emailed anyone about anything infertility related. It took me a minute to realize that my blog is also run by google.

(Whispers) They know everything . . .

It's creepy. I'm a little bothered. And hey, Google! I am NOT getting IVF! I can't afford it, stop sending me those damn adds. ART is not the same as IVF. You don't automatically get a kid from a petri dish the moment you walk into an RE's office. Enough already.

In other news, and this is sure to bring on the Google adds, my HSG is Wednesday. My RE prescribed valium and lortab for it. This freaks me out a lot. Just how much do they expect this to hurt that they want me to be so stoned?



  1. I always get a little nervous when dh uses my computer as he just might notice that google knowledge and then he'd be on to me too!

    my hsg was pretty dang uncomfortable. I can't remember exactly but do recollect squeezing my eyes shut and holding my breath for parts of it. you'll be good though as I have a sense that you tolerate pain really well.

  2. mine hurt a lot. a lot, a lot. i was totally unprepared for how bad it would be, and wish i had done more homework first. i don't mean to freak you out - the pain was brief and everyone reacts differently to these. i know women who have had them with no pain whatsoever! but i felt like i should tell you thism because i came out of mine super mad that i hadn't been warned and hadn't been offered drugs. i think if i'd made a more informed choice going in - ie, if i had known i could ask for valium or whatever - i at least would have felt more positive and in control of the situation. good luck - you will be totally fine either way - it does not last long and afterwards you will have a huge excuse for a nap and a large quantity of chocolate. xo