Friday, November 12, 2010

No polyps or fibroids

So no reason for the sudden onset of constant bleeding and horrible cramps. Crap.

I don't get the biopsy results until next week but I'm already working on part B of my plan. Since there is nothing obvious to fix I am going to try rebooting. I'm going to ask my doc to do a round of Lupron, which the damn insurance should cover because I have endo, and hope it resets everything. Unfortunately I can't get in to see her until December. Damn holidays!

Enough about my pity party, someone really needs some support -
Please stop by and give my friend B some hugs. She is in a really scary spot right now.


  1. thank you jen.
    i'm sorry things are so up in the air for you right now hon. x

  2. Jen -

    Absolutely fine with me if you link to it.

    Thankyou for contacting me about it :-)