Thursday, November 18, 2010

A little wine and a little whine

I had a shitty day. Feeling a little better now, buzzed on wine.

My 62 year old co-worker, who is a dirty old man, finally pushed me too far today. I went to our supervisor and complained about his harassment. My supervisor (who is also male) asked if I wanted to file a formal sexual harassment complaint and I said no. I told him I would if this guy continues his behavior after our supervisor speaks to him. I am absolutely furious that I had to deal with this shit today. I shouldn't have to stand up for myself. This man has been working there for 30 years and everyone knows damn good and well how he treats women, especially young women. He should have been fired years ago. What he did today wasn't anything especially bad - it was his typical commenting on my clothes and my body and then touching me (on the shoulder - but still),for some reason today I had just had enough. It helped that several of my other male co-workers witnessed the incident and were appalled that he would behave that way.

I was so angry I was shaking and on the verge of tears. I'm mad at myself that I've never been able to tell him to leave me alone and not touch me, but my past with men has taught me not to fight back. Even today I didn't say anything directly to him; I doubt he even knows I'm mad at him. I'm hoping this doesn't cause huge problems at work. I don't think my job is at risk since I have so many witnesses, but it says a lot about how this country and this field works that the thought has crossed my mind. I should not have to fight to be treated like a human being and not a walking pair of huge tits. I HATE THAT DIRTY OLD MAN!!

I am really too buzzed for coherent typing right now (thank god for spell check) so I will fill everyone in on the fallout as it happens. Also - I should get my biopsy results tomorrow. I REALLY did not need this shit today.


  1. I had this dirty old man who worked in our office for a long time. He liked to give the ladies shoulder rubs. it was awful, I would twist around so that he couldn't sneak up behind me. I ended up losing it and said that I didn't want to be touched by a stranger under any circumstances. You absolutely did the right thing.

  2. I am so sorry. What a ridiculous thing to have to deal with, but unfortunately those guys are still around. I am happy to hear that you complained. Your supervisor does have to put it in his personnel file, so that is a good thing -documenting a track record. Maybe he will end up fired if it doesn't sink in this time. Was your supervisor surprised or did s/he seem to know this day would come?

  3. Ewww! Good for you for reporting him!