Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It's nice to have a doctor in the house

I called my sister because I've been getting more and more freaked out about this test on Thursday. She is OB but not GYN (weird, right?) so she didn't have a lot of details, but she was able to tell me exactly how much it would hurt and how long. She also reassured me that polyps and fibroids are not as scary as I thought. I think I can handle a D&C and who knows, maybe that will fix things long enough to get pregnant. If nothing else, I'll have lots of information to give the fertility specialist.

So that brings me to my current dilemma: breast reduction or fertility treatment or both? I just can't decide. I would hate to give a baby formula(after my friend's baby died I REALLY don't trust food manufacturers) but many babies do just fine on it and it would be SO NICE to not be in constant pain. Then there is the recovery - does anyone know how painful it is to go from a 34 L to a 34 C? I'm betting very.

If anyone has advice about breast reductions, please chime in. I am very torn.

I'll update on Thursday or whenever I get the biopsy results back.


  1. Unsure on breast reductions. But I want to send my love for Thursday's procedure. I pray you recover quickly and bring us back good news!

  2. I had a reduction 11-23-99 and went from a 38-ii (which makes no sense in my head) to a small 38-c once they healed and settled.
    I don't know your story. But I would love to.
    A friend of mine, knowing I had my reduction before I had my children asked me to come give you my story.
    I had my first live child 7-15-04 and tried SO HARD to give her my milk. I ended up with a c-sec, and an extended hospital stay. I saw the hospital lactation consultants, and all the nurses. None of whom offered any real help, just "nurse, afterwards top her off wi a bottle with formula" no one suggested any of the solutions to BFAR that I had to search out on my own. By then it was too late, and she completely stopped nursing, even for comfort. When I had my second living child 7-29-07 I had done all my homework. I found some breast milk donors, I stocked up on galactogogues and a few 'lact-aid' systems to supplement my own milk with the donated human milk at the breast. I worked HARD to bring in as much milk as I could. Taking domperidone, fenugreek, goats rue, many many many herbs. I was very lucky to have to support of an IBCLC and a fabulous chiro who does cst. And at my most milky, I made about 1/2-2/3oz of milk per day. So my baby was able to get the specific immunities from my milk, with the added benefit of the immunities from the donated mama milk.
    If I could do it all again, turn back time, I would NOT have my breast reduction before children. BFAR is hard. Really really hard. And I survived, we survived. But it was never ever easy. It was worth it. Knowing my child was able to get human milk, and the comfort of nursing, and the personal amazing connection that only nursing a child can bring. I know, I have two children, one formula fed, one breastfed, one bottle fed, one BREASTfed. I had and still have an amazing connection with my bottle baby, but we lost that special bond that only nursing a baby at the breast can bring.
    I remember the pain of LARGE breasts. I remember the humiliation at the way I was treated by complete strangers, and friends, and even family. I still have grooves in my shoulders, and I haven't worn a bra in almost 10 years. My back is forever screwed by the breasts. I carried around.
    But I would still have waited if I had known.
    Sending lots of fertile vibes to you, and thinking positive thoughts for you.
    I hope this helps, having a voice to one BFAR experience.

  3. I really appreciate that you raised the query about breast reduction. Thanks so much to Noble for sharing her experience. Makes me feel better about not having yet done breast reduction. But I, like you, am seriously contemplating it. It's easier for me to decide because the odds of my ever getting pregnant again are about zero. These things really are a burden.

    All that said, GOOD LUCK with your procedure. I'll be sending you good luck vibes.

  4. just to say that i'm thinking of you.