Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wow. Really?

Oh, my mother in law.

I wrote this 29 days after giving birth to Aiden. Things have really only gotten worse since then. This week really takes the cake.

Last week I stopped by my MIL's house to get something to surprise my husband with for our anniversary. The previous week she had demanded that we watch her stupid, spoiled dog. The dog managed to destroy our rented house in 2 days. My husband took her back to MIL's house and left her alone (with adequate food and water) for four days. I wasn't sure if the dog was dead or MIL was just pissed that we didn't watch her the whole week, since she hadn't called us, so when I got to her house I was listening for the dog. She normally wears a collar with bells on it and you can hear her coming. I got to the front door and saw that the screen door and front window were open. I didn't check if the door was locked but did hear bells. I assumed the dog was okay and MIL wasn't home. I unlocked the door and went in. I didn't notice until much later that the dog was not wearing her collar. My MIL's back door was wide open and some lights were on. At first I thought she was home and her car was gone - it is a POS and always in the shop. Then I thought she had run to the store and not locked up.

Well - it turns out she was robbed. The bells I heard were the bells on her backdoor. They rang as the robbers ran out the back door, while I was coming in the front.

My MIL called my husband that night and cried and cried about the $700 and jewelry that was stolen. She was apparently unconcerned that I had been lucky not to get hurt. But here is the good part: the woman who didn't call us for 2 months after OUR SON DIED complained to her son that he didn't call and check on her. She actually said, "since you can't call me and check on me." And this phone call came on our anniversary.

Today she called to bitch at my husband that he needs to come over and fix her damn shower, install a wall-mounted safe, and find out what kind of computer she should get.

My husband showed much more restraint than I would have. I'm sure you can imagine what I would say - it starts with an F and ends in you.



  1. Wow! Your MIL wins the prize.

    You are very lucky those guys left as you came in. It could have been a very different story indeed. Oh, and since the house was empty, the losses could have been higher than it was.

    Your MIL doesn't seem to be the type to let things go. You'll be hearing about this for years to come.

    I think I would have hired a handyman to go over to install the wall safe and fix the things around the house. She might be nicer to a stranger.

  2. I swear she could be the sister of my MIL! My MIL actually told us that the day and time for our son's memorial and burial were not convenient for her and we should change them since she had already decided when they would be and had told everyone. Then when we went to talk with the preacher she was offended that she wasn't asked to come in and pouted in the car with the windows rolled up on a hot day. And the final straw for me was when, at a memorial service held by the place where our son is buried, someone said something about how Jack must be the apple of her eye. She quickly corrected them with "No, I have two other grandchildren." Really?!? At a memorial service for his twin brother you're going to say something like that??

    Your MIL takes the cake with not thinking about you and what could have happened. I half expected her to blame you when I was reading your post.

    {{Hugs}} from someone else in need of a new MIL

  3. Crazy, absolutely crazy. I read this and Kyle's Angels' story and just wonder WTF were these two women thinking? My mom does really insensitive crap all the time but these two stories really win the prize. It makes me so scared of becoming one of these women who is so completely unattached to reality. I'm so sorry your MIL is such a jerk, to say the least.

  4. I am glad you missed the burglars; who knows what might have happened?

    I'm sorry your mother is such an insensitive jerk. I can't imagine how awful it must be to have to deal with someone like her on a regular basis.

  5. She sounds like quite a piece of work.

    Well, I for one am very, very glad you didn't run into those burglars. It is a little sad to lose money and jewellery but . . . hey, they are only money and jewellery. At least nobody was hurt and that's the main thing. Shame she can't see that. xo

  6. Holy cow. First of all--SO happy you came out of it OK! That's really scary for you! Whew.

    But damn. That MIL. It's as though she's studied every cliche MIL joke, story, scenario and has chosen to embody them all.

    Wow. Your husband sounds like he handled it well--she, on the other hand, sounds like a complete lunatic.

  7. i'm so glad you're ok hon. and screw her. there are more important things than money and jewellery. like your safety. and that's what insurance is for, right? so if she gets burgled her insurance company can pay out?

    i'm glad you're safe xxx