Sunday, October 31, 2010

This is NOT fair.

I am bleeding AGAIN. This is the third heavy and PAINFUL period in the last 6 weeks. They are coming exactly two weeks apart, without ovulation. What the hell is my body trying to do to me?

I'm beginning to suspect that I do have fibroids or polyps. I have never had anything like this happen before. It is starting to freak me out and I'm more than a little pissed. This is making Halloween pretty difficult but I'm very grateful it was this weekend and not next (hopefully). I'd be really angry if I couldn't walk for Aiden next week because of my idiot body.

I'm going to share a picture of my daughter in her costume soon. She was so incredibly cute. If you can't look, I understand. She is such a big part of my life that I can't leave her out of these pages, but I don't want to hurt anyone with constant reminders. I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday - Halloween has always been my favorite.


  1. You're's not fair. I'm sorry you're dealing with pain and I hope that someone is able to get to the bottom of things for you.

    The picture disclaimer was very thoughtful of you. I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures.

  2. Agh! I really hope that your dr can figure out what's causing all the bleeding and soon, if at least to help you get back to thinking about life rather than worrying about leaks. My mom had fibroids and I remember so many times during my childhood her having to walk carrying her purse behind her butt to hide accidents. So, so sad.

    I look forward to seeing the halloween pics!

  3. I hope you get sorted out soon. It sounds awful.
    Look forward to seeing the pic of your daughter :)