Saturday, June 19, 2010

My fabulous bra

Okay, I finally got the computer for five minutes.

First off - I have absolutely, ridiculously HUGE boobs. I hate them. I can never find anything that fits that isn't a tent. They are heavy, and hot, and really unattractive (to me). Most people don't realize exactly how large I am because I dress to reduce the impact as much as I can. I have frequently been treated like I am a slut, particularly in high school. It makes perfect sense, right? If you are sixteen and already a double D then you must be a slut. Everyone knows that the size of your boobs is directly related to your sexual activity. Maybe sperm makes breast tissue? If so, those plastic surgeons have it all wrong. Anyway - high school gave me a pretty big complex about my breasts and I am determined to get them lopped off. I have just been waiting to be done with breast feeding. I had thought that would be within a year, but so much for that plan. How is it that everything comes back to the dead baby?

Until I am really in a place where I can get a reduction, I need something to contain these monsters. I found out when I was pregnant with Kira, and outgrew every size that could be found in a department store, that most women wear the wrong size bra. When I finally got professionally fitted for a bra I was a whopping 34J (US). There were a grand total of two companies that made bras that size. I hated them both. I have been making do with ill fitting and uncomfortable bras for the last 5 years. I recently tried some new bras from the company I LOVE and found my new love.

If you have trouble finding bras I cannot recommend this company enough. They have professional fitters you can call and they always have free shipping. If your bra doesn't fit you can send it back within 6 months and get another one. It costs a couple of dollars to send them back. I went through 6 bras before I found two that fit amazingly well - One was by Elomi and the other was by Freya. Both of these are made by European countries and have UK sizes. I have grown even bigger since I last bought bras. The one that truly fits - the first one in 5 years, is the Elomi. It is a 34HH, a 34L in US sizes. That is freakishly huge.

I am so, so happy that I finally found something that fits. this is the first time my breasts have been lifted off my lower ribs and separated from each other. I have had a giant uni-boob for so long that I forgot what they should look like. I look hot! Slutty, but hot. My seatbelt nestles BETWEEN my breasts instead of sliding all the way over and choking me. Amazing. The only problem I have had is that I am not used to underwires anymore so it is taking some getting used to. The freya bra is still a little small but so comfortable, I don't care. Because it is a sports bra I can also use it as a bathing suit top without raising any eyebrows. I haven't had a swimsuit since I first got pregnant 5 years ago! Not that I have a bikini body, but man! I don't have to wear a shirt for a bathing suit anymore. Yippee!

I wanted to share this because if anyone that reads is above a double D, you really need to check out this company. It may seem silly to get so excited about a bra, but if you haven't been wearing a bra that truly fits and then get one, the difference is astounding. I think it has even helped my back pain.

I feel kind of dorky getting so excited about a bra but I think these days I will take joy from wherever I can. Hopefully this will help someone else with stocky German peasant heritage!


  1. LOL, you are so funny. For me, I have been in a size D bra since age 15, not so fun. There were two girls in my high school with my last name, I was known as the one with the boobs, not ok for a teenager with low self esteem. With that said, I have stayed a D (outside of pregnancy) so I cannot imagine what it feels like to be an L (my goodness Jen). congrats on the bra find. You very much deserve that reduction once the breast feeding is over and done with.

  2. Wow! Hurrah for a right sized bra and thanks for those links. My girl turned 14 two days ago and is already a 34 DD. Not sure where those came from, as I am a 38 A (even with 7 years of breastfeeding under my belt). Bra shopping for us is depressing and mostly a big waste of time.

  3. Yay for saying farewell to the uni-boob!
    I'm not quite so well endowed myself (34D) but my mom and my sister (considerably bigger in the boob department) introduced me to Bravissimo and they are fabulous. They do pretty bras up to a UK K AND they do clothes. I've got a fitted shirt that actually buttons up and doesn't gap!
    I will forward the link to my more well-endowed family members. My sister used to get so upset that I had a choice where she had to settle for bras that came in her size.

  4. Yeah! I found some undies that were perfect and I was happy for about a friggin' month because they were on clearance 85 cents/pair and now I own 8 pairs of nude colored undies. ha ha.

  5. I cannot thank you enough for this website! I have been wearing the wrong size bras since high school... I looked at the pictures on the fit pages and I was the perfect example of "improper fit." I am going out to buy a soft measuring tape right now.

    Thanks again.

  6. Oh, I hear you on the big boob stuff. I love Freya bras and second Catherine W's love for Bravissimo. I too look forward to the day I have a breast reduction. I was always really flat chested at school and longed for bigger boobs. Well that's come back to bite me on the arse. Bloody boobs. *Sigh*

  7. Yay for good bras! I love Freya. F/G cup -- and I've never been pregnant. I'm sort of scared to think what will happen (but I'll happily take it).

  8. Ah, big busted girls unite! I get downright giddy to find a good bra and GIRL you put me to shame at 34DD. But, yeah, that boobs = sex thing is bizarre and I'm more than scarred by it. I have often said that women who get implants got become larger than a D need to go back and spend two months in a junior high to pay their dues. Get called Rita-tita or Julie-booby for a year or so. You can just put that shit on and get all that grown up male attention. So unfair.

    I'm gonna check out those bras as well. I could use something a bit sturdier than the olgas I've been sticking to. I've had a hard time finding a smooth cup. Even if I like retro clothing, I do not want boobs like bullets.

    Traumatized, like...wouldn't wear a tanktop until I was 26! Gah.

  9. I also love Bravissimo but since they are only in UK I've never been able to afford ordering something. I'm too afraid it won't fit and I won't be able to return it. I can't figure out why the US - supposedly the fattest country in the world - doesn't have bras and tops to fit large busted women. I can only think that it must be because puritans hate boobs. Every bra I ever liked was made in the UK. Are you Brits all that well endowed? I'm glad I could help you ladies, a well-fitted bra is such a luxury.

  10. jen, if i ever do win the lottery jackpot, i'll pay for you to buy every bra bravissimo sell. promise.