Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I've been far too busy this week and haven't made time for myself. I became really snarly with everyone tonight and realized I just need some space. I need to breathe and be by myself. I wish I had a couple of hours to write, it brings me the most peace. To write I need more quiet and solitude than I can get in this tiny apartment with the TV on (damn I really hate that thing), so I will have to settle for reading a book - if I can find the damned thing.

I'll try to make time to write later this week. I had an eleven hour day today so I am owed some time off. Maybe Friday. I'm tired and I hurt, so much. I wish I could get some relief. This is just so damned hard.


  1. and it's only tuesday....

    i hope your week picks up from here, and that you can find some space. hugs hon xx

  2. Hope you get some time to yourself soon. x