Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I just don't have words. Oklahoma just made a law that a mother cannot sue if lied to by her doctor about the condition of her fetus. A mother considering abortion is also FORCED to undergo an ultrasound and description of the fetus.

So that means that they are okay with what the doctor did to me. He said Aiden's brain defects were mild. Apparently the brain being squeezed into the spinal cord is considered mild if you are against abortion.

I wanted my baby. He was too sick to live and I wasn't going to force him to live against nature and undergo surgeries just to watch him die in pain. Assuming Aiden made it to birth which was not likely, I would have had no choice in him getting at least two surgeries immediately after birth. He would have been in constant pain and not lived long. I chose to spare him suffering and I am furious that any mother would be denied the right to make that decision.

I just don't have words. Here is the link to the blog I heard about this on - she has links to more information. I am too sick and angry to research it right now, but I plan to. I will send my medical records to those selfish pricks, not that I think it will do any good.


  1. I saw that last night and could not believe it. I cannot imagine living in a world where the choice of brining a sick and dying baby into the world, would not be my own.
    On another note, I cannot believe that your doc did not fully disclose Aiden's condition to you!!! I am so angry! Can you sue? I have never tried to sue someone in my life, but that is clearly unethical.

  2. I decided not to sue because the climate around here is very anti-choice. I don't want money anyway. I want this to not happen again. It is on my list of things to deal with to write a letter to the licensing board about this doctor. He lied a lot during our visit and in my records. He should at least be told that he can't get away with that. Although if Oklahoma says it's legal - Florida is probably not too far behind.

  3. Wow, this is so awful! I agree that you need to write that letter! I think the climate in CA is much better, so i hadn't even considered these kinds of issues. So so so unethical!!!! What is WRONG with these people!?!

  4. that is disturbing as hell.

    ... there are no words.

    jeeeesus once more.

    thinking of you x

  5. So much rage right now. Legal or not, I can't believe ANY doctor would behave so unethically as to deny their patient all the information at their disposal. It defies belief. It is, as you say, appalling.

  6. Things like this make me so irate! The government needs to spend it's damn time fixing this messed up country, and keep their noses and opinions out of PERSONAL, and painful decisions.

  7. I hope you do write that letter to the board. I think something like will stay in the file on this person. You may also want to rate him/her on health grades and other web boards that provide info on medical providers. That will certainly get your point across. I know my health grades site comes up when you google my name.
    Thinking of you today and hoping you are feeling better

  8. I live in a very conservative state which has some screwed up laws. I can't imagine that any one who has experienced loss and had to make a terrible decision of a gravely ill baby in utero would ever propose legislation like this. It's horrific.