Monday, March 8, 2010


We have several oak trees in our yard that are covered with Resurrection Ferns. For those that don't know, Resurrection Ferns grow only when it is wet. They usually grow on fallen logs but will also grow on living trees. When it is dry they shrivel up and look dead. As soon as it rains they will green up and look all fresh within a few hours.

I thought it was fitting to put a few of these ferns with the photo I have displayed of Aiden's feet. It looked very beautiful and I left the ferns to get dried up. I assumed that since they were no longer attached to a tree and had been dried up for weeks that they were truly dead. For some reason I decided today to put one in a bowl of water and see what happened.



If only it were that easy. *Sigh*


  1. Oof. That is breathtaking, Jen. And, yes, if only it were that easy.

  2. I love the before and after shots of the resurrection ferns. have you considered sending them to Angie at the blog stilllife365 ?