Friday, February 5, 2010

Dreading going to sleep

I'm very tired. I haven't slept a full night since stopping the ambien. Man, I miss that stuff. I'm too afraid of ending up an addict like my mom to try it again, though. We bereaved mothers really need a chat room. That way all the sleepless ones can get together and chat until we fall asleep, drooling, on the keyboard. I guess I will give bed a try, there is always the benadryl (or the vodka).


  1. Jen, there are some homeopathic things that helped me considerably -- there's something called "Calms Fortet" that I think is concentrated chamomile (it will at least slow the brain down a little from racing), and lavender works wonders, too.

    Also, are you on google email? A lot of bloggers are and you can see if they're online and chat! I chat with Julia almost every day, but we used to be up nights chatting. You never know who you'll find online.

  2. Hey Biojen, I'm new over here and visiting. First, your loss is really fresh and raw. You must still be grappling with so much inside your head. I'm sorry. Rest assured, you're not alone - a lot of us have been through what you're going through (gawd awfulness) and - just by your post titles on the left-hand side - I'm nodding and going YUP. I get that. So just.. I don't know. Hugs and hang in there.

    For sleep, what about Tylenol PM? I use that to get over jetlag and force me to sleep thru the night. On the other hand, that's probably chicken-shit compared to the Ambien, the strong stuff. I also support the vodka-before-bed method. indeed.

    Ultimately, your body will find its rhythm I'm pretty sure. You're under huge amounts of stress, which f**ks everything up. Not like you need me to tell you that.

  3. Oh, by the way - like a classic snooper I just went back to your first posts to give them a read. FYI, we did the fetal heart-injection thingy too at 33 weeks. Still making sense of that whole experience, over 2 years later.

  4. Tash - I'll try the homeopathic thing. Benadryl (and tylenol PM) will work, it just makes me so groggy all day. I am on google mail, I'll have to start emailing more people. Thanks, I didn't think of that.

    KuKd - I'm so sorry you had to go through that so late, that must have been so hard. I second the vodka before bed, that happens to be in my cup right now. I don't do it very often because it only works for about 4 hours - but last night was bad. Thanks for commenting.